3 steps to creating momentum and finding direction

Here are 3 steps to creating momentum and finding direction in your life. I’ve been studying a lot of Grant Cardone’s material recently and he is has become a huge mentor for me. Three pieces of advice that have provided with me with an incredible feeling of momentum are.

1. Schedule your entire day and break it down into 15 minute blocks.

2. Write down your successes of the day.

3. Write down your life goals everyday.



PUSH, PUSH and push some more !!!

PUSH! push and push some more. if you want to be a at the cause, if you want to be an entrepreneur or you want to get ahead in life the key is have an intense intense outflow of energy, always. when you give a speech say it loud say it with power and add some speed to it. not a rushed speed but a ‘here take that” speed. push with all of your energy always. it will be tiring at first to live like this, but it is like cardio you can build a stamina up, and pretty quickly as a matter of fact. aggressiveness beats intelligence any day. speed and focus are kings above all.